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Find Your Dream Home in Bozeman, Montana

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Your dream home is out there—you just haven’t found it yet. Luckily, Voss & Company has her finger on the pulse of the Bozeman, MT real estate market. Check out our listings below, or get in touch with her real estate office to schedule a consultation.

Voss & Company has been helping people find homes in the Bozeman, MT for more than 18 years. She’s familiar with the neighborhoods, school districts, retail options and more. Call 406-539-5889 now to speak with an experienced, dedicated buyers agent in Bozeman.

Check out our featured listings:

3380 S 23RD AVENUE MLS: 301398$499,900

3380 S 23RD AVENUE
MLS: 301398

3470 S 23RD AVENUE MLS: 314402$449,900

3470 S 23RD AVENUE
MLS: 314402